Accolades Academy came into being in the year 2013 and has since been conducting the “Public Speaking Course”, at various schools in & around Mangalore.  In these days of intense competition students are expected to be adept in interpersonal, communicative & public speaking skills besides excelling in the academics.

The Public Speaking Sessions being conducted by Accolades Academy across various Levels in Schools has addressed the felt need of the students to be trained in the nuances of Public speaking and has been instrumental in improving the confidence of the students as to how they conduct themselves in general and also when they take part in various activities besides the academics.

Why Accolades Academy?

The training imparted by Accolades Academy infuses inputs such that it augments the process of mentoring & facilitating the participants to evolve as confident, thinking individuals, with enhanced English Language competency, articulation and leadership skills.

We have over a period of over 7 years received very positive feedback from parents’, teachers and students across schools of the tangible benefits that has accrued to the participants’ of our Public Speaking course and the fact that we have a presence across many a school in and around Mangalore is a testimony to the course having been well received.

The course is across 4 categories, namely the Pre Sub-Juniors (Mont-2nd Grade), Sub-Juniors (3rd & 4th grades), Juniors (5th, 6th & 7th grades) and the Seniors (8th, 9th & 10th grades).

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Hello Accoladians,

We invite all fellow Accoladians to share your thoughts, experiences and memories of your association with Accolades Mangalore. We value your response to this Invite.

Y S Adappa

Hi Accoladians !

The voyage with all of you Accoladians across schools has been a memorable one. A Hearty Hello to all of you, from all your resource persons from Accolades. We are all proud of you and our very best of wishes to each one of you. The experience of mentoring you all has been fulfilling. We have made an attempt to capture a few glimpses of your journey so that each time you view it, it kindles your memories.
Happy memories to all of you .

Accolades Academy Mangalore